The Perils of Self Betterment

Week starting Sep 09, 2012

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Jan 17, 2008



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Running Accomplishments:

yearly mileage totals (actual running miles, not crosstraining etc)

2008 - 1,317

2009 - 2,654

2010 - 2,578

2011 - 2,618

2012 - 3,083 (ran everyday this year. PR's in half and full marathons, at age 48!)

2013 - 1,177

2014 - 1,716

2015 - 1,060

2016 - 951

2017 - 786

2018 - 1,058


Short-Term Running Goals:

reacquaint myself with my long lost running freak, and then proceed to get my running freak on


Huntsville Full Monte - 9-21-2019 (first maratahon in seven years)

Long-Term Running Goals:

keep running



born in 1964. married 22 years. one wife two dogs 

6 ft tall, nation wide

“Make friends with pain and you’ll never be alone.”



Miles:This week: 12.00 Month: 90.00 Year: 677.00
Mt101 Lifetime Miles: 500.80
Mt101 The 2nd Lifetime Miles: 539.20
Green A5's Lifetime Miles: 149.50
MR00 Lifetime Miles: 158.70
Treadmillio Shoes Lifetime Miles: 562.00
Stillnotmads (2) Lifetime Miles: 500.50
Rednotevenmad2 Lifetime Miles: 226.00
Kinvara9 Lifetime Miles: 237.00
Kinvara9painted Lifetime Miles: 148.00
Graynine Lifetime Miles: 13.00
Total Distance
Kinvara2 Miles: 6.30Kinvara2 The 2nd Miles: 11.20Mt101 The 2nd Miles: 6.40Hattori The 2nd Miles: 4.50Kinvara2 The 3rd Miles: 12.00
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

2 miles of recovery touring the hoods around the hotel on a peaceful Salmon sunday morning.

WT 57.3 miles

two fifty-nine

Kinvara2 Miles: 2.00
Weight: 0.00
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Total Distance

3.2 miles from work. nice and easy recovery run. i'll probably stick to 3-4 miles a day this week.

WT 56.5 miles

two sixty

Kinvara2 The 2nd Miles: 3.20
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

4.3 miles from work - rio grande - north. lightly rained upon for most of the run. recovery is going well.

WT 54.8 miles

two sixty-one

Kinvara2 Miles: 4.30
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

6.4 miles from work. the combination of short recovery miles this week plus the nice cool temps this morning (51F) had me feeling great. my legs felt strong and fluid right out the door. still fatigued, so the mileage is going to stay low for now, but super psyched about how my body is responding to the marathon effort last  saturday. mile 6 @ 8:21.

WT 54.2 miles

two sixty-two

Mt101 The 2nd Miles: 6.40
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

8 miles from work. rio grande - south. loving these cooler temps.

WT 52.2 miles

two sixty-three

Kinvara2 The 2nd Miles: 8.00
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

4.5 miles - from work. traditional friday rest day pace. trying to keep the pattern of my runs the same. EPL was flickering on and off throughout the run. it was straight to the commode when i was done running.

WT 54.7 miles

two sixty-four

Hattori The 2nd Miles: 4.50
Weight: 0.00
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Total Distance

12 miles / 8:34 avg. commute to work. what absolutely perfect weather for a run this morning.

today's run caps my first week of recovery after the marathon, and i feel really good about it. i wanted to run more miles earlier in the week but held back to be safe. today's run was meant as a gauge of how i'm doing, and it turns out i'm doing great! 12 miles at an 8:34 avg. is a good training run for me. although i could feel that i really wasn't ready for a longer run yet, i did feel plenty of strength and virtually no soreness in the legs. in fact, i experienced little to no soreness in my legs this week. i'm thinking that i could've/should've run a bit harder in the marathon last saturday, and what held me back was more mental than physical. still no regrets as it was an 10 minute PR and i felt pretty good throughout the whole race. i've learned a lot through this last training cycle and know i can be a stronger runner. my confidence has taken a leap throughout the process and hopefully i can turn that confidence into better training.

really excited for all the FRB'ers racing today - especially at TOU!

WT 40.4 miles

two sixty-five

Kinvara2 The 3rd Miles: 12.00
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance
Kinvara2 Miles: 6.30Kinvara2 The 2nd Miles: 11.20Mt101 The 2nd Miles: 6.40Hattori The 2nd Miles: 4.50Kinvara2 The 3rd Miles: 12.00
Weight: 0.00
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